"The X band is an innovative product that combines style with safety in the sport of gymnastics. I love it because it allows me to express myself out on the floor and wear something that I actually like! We don't get too see much variety out on the floor and this is a great way to allow gymnasts to look how they want!"

~Paul Ruggeri III, USA Men's Artistic Gymnastics Senior National Team Member


"The X Band is a stylish & customizable way to make gymnastics safer!  We use them to prevent our grips from unraveling & wrist guards from coming undone during routines.  In a sport based on perfection, you can never be too careful and you might as well look great while doing it!"

~Justin Spring, Olympic Medalist and University of Illinois Men's Gymnastics Head Coach


"I suggest that my athletes wear hook and loop grips because I feel that they give a more individualized fit and better feel on the bar for all levels of gymnasts. The one drawback is the possibility of the hook and loop to come undone in competition, where there are no do-overs. The X Band solves that. Many athletes use tape, but this is a better alternative, letting you make adjustments even after putting them on. The X Band is like an insurance policy allowing you to have the best fit for a grip with the guarantee that your grips will stay put. It’s a peace of mind for both the athlete and coach."

~Chad Buczek, NCAA Champion and Metro South Gymnastics Academy Head Coach